TAED: Objections Aplenty, Will Mayor Now Stop Destruction Of The Beach?

This little boy, foreground, will soon have to go out of Kota Kinabalu to make sandcastles on the beach, while glorious evenings at Tanjung Aru will be a thing of the past, as TAED bulldozes their way to create an artificial beach to be sold to the rich and famous.

LETTER: From what I can gather talking to friends and relatives, and messages received in Whatsapp, just about everybody is unhappy with the proposed reclamation work of Tanjung Aru beach.

While people generally accept that the beach needs to be rejuvenated, they do not agree with Victor Paul’s explanation that the reclamation would prevent erosion.

They say it is more like selling the parcels (of reclaimed land) to foreigners to develop and in the process destroying the God-given shoreline forever, erasing it from the surface of this earth. It must be the only project where the only natural beach will be destroyed for some so-called development to fill in some pockets.

How destructive and arrogant is that?

In view of the many objections from members of the public to the destruction of the beach, will the Mayor as mentioned in your column (some time ago) call for a Town Hall meeting to explain that the objections are taken into account and there will be no reclamation and no destruction of the beach?

Or will it be business as usual and we the people might as well be blowing in the wind?

Thank you.

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