‘Suffering’ Mogonibung Residents Offended By Penampang DO’s Brush-Off


PENAMPANG: Residents of Kampung Mogonibung are disappointed by the Penampang District Officer’s abrupt dismissal of their complaints and requests to upgrade the Mogonibung road.

One such villager, Sylvester Lanjuat, feels slighted by Luvita Koisun’s actions especially when the Mogoputi Village Security and Development Committee (JKKK) had repeatedly complained to the Penampang District Council, and even called on the council, to voice out their displeasure over the dust problem because of the dirt road.

“Why can’t the DO come and inspect the area herself and engage us in a dialogue if she is truly concerned. Instead, she comes out with statements saying that no complaint was received.

“We are suffering because our homes are covered in dust and we have to breathe in the dust every day because heavy vehicles use that dirt road daily,” he said in a statement Wednesday.


“It’s ridiculous to say that we have not made a complaint to the local authorities. Nobody in their right mind would want to keep quiet when they are forced to live in a cloud of dust.

“She should come here and try it,” said Sylvester after reading a news report of the District Officer denying having received complaints from the residents concerning the Mogonibung road.

He added for Luvita to deny having received a single complaint was to belittle the efforts of the Mogoputi JKKK, its residents and Parti Warisan Sabah in highlighting the protracted problem when all they wanted was a solution.

Warisan had come to the assistance of the villagers by informing the District Council repeatedly and raising the issue in the media.

“Is the DO trying to say that all parties that highlighted this sad state of affairs in Mogonibung are propagators of fake news and liars? Among others, her biased comments pinpointed Darell Leiking, the elected MP of Penampang, as the culprit to all the issues cropping up in Penampang.

The alleged source to all the misery and discomfort of the residents – heavy vehicles plying the road meant for small vehicles only.

“Since Madam Luvita is an appointed District Officer, she should take criticisms levelled at the Penampang District Council in a more constructive manner. Instead of making a lopsided statement against Warisan, she should engage with Warisan in finding a common ground to assist in uplifting the standard of living in Penampang.

Sylvester pointed out that the Penampang District Council’s primary function is to serve the community in the best way possible.

“Thus, the madam DO should reexamine her core practices and relook at ways to be closer to the people,” he said.

Luvita had also stated that her office had been working with UPKO and Penampang MCA on various cleaning projects, but Sylvester said this does not bode well for the Penampang District Council.

Sylvester charged that as the District Officer, she should be apolitical and maintain her office as a neutral venue and be transparent in their dealings when it comes to matters that concern the rakyat.

“It is only right that she relinquish her post as the Penampang DO and pursue a life in politics if that is what she wants, as using her position to condemn certain individuals or groups of people is irresponsible,” he added.

“Having said all that, the District Officer should be thankful to the Opposition for all their continuous effort in highlighting issues of importance in the district especially since the duties of the State Government is to act upon any deficit or shortcomings and not belittling it.