States Under Harapan Enjoy Many Benefits says Selangor Lawmaker


LOK KAWI: Sabahans should be enjoying more social and economic benefits than those in Selangor as Sabah has rich natural resources whereas Selangor has none, said a senior Parti Keadilan Rakyat leader.

Keadilan’s woman national deputy head, Haniza Talha, said the Selangor state government under Pakatan Harapan has introduced many policies, programmes and initiatives that directly benefit the people, and it is introducing many more.

“Even this year our PH state government in Selangor introduced yet another benefit for the people namely the free Treatment Card Scheme whereby poor citizens could get free medicines and treatments even from private clinics, the cost of which is borne by the state government.

“The ordinary rakyat in Sabah should be getting more benefits than us in Selangor if you have a good government, but what you have here is government officers concealing millions of cash in their cupboards, drawers, even in the car and under their mattresses,” she said alluding to a recent scandal in the state.

Haniza who is also assemblywoman for Taman Medan in Selangor said this in her speech at the party’s woman’s roadshow in Taman Sabindo near here Sunday.

Rahimah Majid

She also said that in Selangor, the street sellers or “gerai” are now exempted from paying any fee, unlike in Sabah, including those selling produces in the weekly “tamu” who have to pay certain fee to the local governments.

“You can only have such benefits if you have a transparent and accountable government. Even the Federal Auditor-General gave our local governments in Selangor five-star approval and this speaks a lot about PH governance,” she added.

Meanwhile, Sabah woman head, Rahimah Majid in her speech said PH remains the number one choice for a better future for all Sabahans, as proven by its good records in governing Selangor.

“Our on-going roadshows will explain why we must chose a party with good track record, and we will reach many more places to empower our women,” she said explaining that earlier in the day they had a walkabout in Sikuati while on Saturday they were in Kota Belud.

“This roadshow is also part of our programmes to promote our potential woman candidates in the coming elections,” she added.