Siambun Is An Opposition Lawmaker For All Sabahans, Warisan Tells MP


PUTATAN: Parti Warisan Sabah has slammed Member of Parliament for Putatan, Marcus Mojigoh for his unprofessional comments on the party’s Putatan chief coordinator, Terrence Siambun on the issue relating to his (Siambun) proposal that the Government upgrade the existing Putatan Health Clinic.

According to the Putatan Wira Warisan Chief, Mohammad Firdaus Diun he was shocked to read Mojigoh’s statement that Siambun should not busy himself in matters affecting Putatan folk.

“I do not know why Mojigoh is so upset with what Terrence had said in relation to the health clinic which affects the people due to its acute congestion problem, and what has he done to alleviate the problem,” asked Firdaus.

“Basically this is a peoples’ issue and Wira Warisan Putatan feels vindicated when Mojigoh himself admitted that the clinic should be upgraded due to the congestion problem. He should thank Siambun for doing his job.”


Firdaus claimed that several Putatan folk had approached Siambun over the matter and this issue was deliberated at a Warisan Putatan committee meeting recently.

Siambun highlighted the issue through the media in his capacity as the Chief Coordinator for Warisan Putatan.

On the private hospital being promoted by Mojigoh, Firdaus said 10 such facilities could be built in Putatan and no one would protest, provided that a full-fledge, government hospital is already in operation.

He pointed out that it is simply unfair for the low and middle income earners especially those from Sembulan, Petagas and Ketiau to continue having hellish experience at the ‘Klinik Kesihatan Putatan’ as well as compete with others from Kinarut and Penampang, hence the petition drive by Wira Warisan Putatan.


“If there is a piece of land at Putatan suitable to build a hospital, then why did Mojigoh prioritize the building of a private hospital on that land instead of a general hospital,” Firdaus pointed out.

Meanwhile, the Wirawati Warisan Penampang Chief, Carol Malawai said that it is unbecoming for Mojigoh to hurl abuses upon Siambun as an opposition leader in Sabah.

“He (Mojigoh) had been an UPKO representative for a long time and he should be ashamed for having achieved nothing at all at Putatan especially at the KDM areas apart from congesting the district with unplanned private development,” she said.

“Terrence may be a first timer Assemblyman but at least he eclipsed Mojigoh in terms of civil rights and awareness at Moyog despite having a very limited funding notably in the issues relating to the Kaiduan Dam, the secondary school at Moyog, the hospital at Dambai and many more grassroots issues.”

Despite all the hurdles he went through for Moyog, he (Siambun) remains connected to the people at Moyog with his kind and caring attitude and he never threatened/slapped others or addicted to gambling unlike some of the BN representatives.

Perhaps Mojigoh should instead focus his attention to uplift the sosio-economic condition of the KadazanDusuns at Putatan instead of wasting time with his private hospital dream,” she added.