SFC’s SWAT Captures 2.17-metre Crocodile In Sungai Santubong


KUCHING: A crocodile measuring 2.17 metres was snared by the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) swift wildlife action team (SWAT) in Sungai Santubong here Friday.

The female crocodile was believed to have bitten one of the 16 hooks tied with chicken and goat as bait being placed in 16 selected locations along the river.

SFC SWAT launched the ‘search and destroy’ operation after the staff of a secondary school was devoured by a crocodile while catching shrimps in the river at Kampung Santubong on February 8.

SFC deputy general manager Oswald Braken Tisen said the crocodile was not its target and would be taken to the Matang Wildlife Sanctuary.

“This area (Sungai Santubong) is crocodile removal zone and SFC’s SWAT is operating here for the second time as there has been a case in which a villager was devoured by a crocodile.

“Today SWAT managed to catch a small crocodile which is not our target species. As it is a juvenile, the crocodile will be taken to the Matang Wildlife Sanctuary,” he said when met at the Santubong Fisheries Department jetty near here.

Oswald said the culling operations that began since Monday would be continued until today before it is terminated.

In addition to five SWAT personnel, the operation was also participated by two policemen, a Rela personnel and a staff of the Sarawak Fisheries Department which was conducted for 2.5 km from the location of the crocodile attack.

The team also installed warning signboards on the presence of crocodiles in two locations near the river bank of Kampung Santubong to raise public awareness and prevent recurrence of attacks, he said.