Say No To Corruption Or Face The Music, Immigration Staff Warned

Mustafar Ali, standing left, witnessing Labuan Immigration Department officers signing the ‘Corruption-Free’ pledge on Thursday.

LABUAN: Immigration staff, whether rank or file, have been warned that those found to be involved in corruption will be severely penalised.

Apart from having to face the law for committing a crime, they would also lose their jobs, Mustafar Ali, Director-General of the Immigration department said here Thursday.

A former deputy chief commissioner (prevention), of the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Mustafar warned that he would emphasise on zero tolerance of corruption among his personnel.

“To effectively zero in the elements of corruption, we must be bold enough to say no (to corruption) start from our heart right to our words,” he told a press conference after leading the Corruption-Free Pledge (Ikrar Bebas Rasuah) of the Labuan Immigration Department personnel.

However, Mustafar said it was pertinent to ensure all the personnel are equipped with educational awareness (on corruption and irregularities).

As such, he personnel to take part in the department’s mentality transformation programme aimed at developing their mind-set to eject corruption or to have the thinking that the corruption is a big no-no.

Mustafar said he hoped to make sure all Immigration personnel discharge their duties with integrity and never compromise on corruption and not get involved in any kind of irregularities.