Safe Pedestrian Walkway Urgently Required In Front Of KK Jesselton Mall

The Marine Police depot sits smack in the middle of road widening works in the area and needs to be removed quickly.

KOTA KINABALU: An inspection was carried out by me and my advisor Edward Ewol Mujie after receiving public requests to check on the walkway in front of the newly completed Jesselton Mall/Residencies complex.

We noticed during the site inspection that there is some JKR road construction work going on in front of the new mall, and it is for the purpose of upgrading and widening the road leading to the Jesselton Point tourist harbour from Suria Sabah.

The widening works is supposed to link up the road by the side of Suria building to Jesselton Point. The progress of the construction work is being held up by the Marine Police depot which is right in the middle of construction works, thus blocking the contractor.

We do not know when this depot will be removed for the road works to carry on.

Hiew, left, and his sidekick, Edward inspecting the road work site.

I have noticed large groups of tourists, as well as local workers in big groups, are walking through a construction site without any proper safety protection, like the safety sign boards, barricades, timber board walk, and hoarding to separate them from the heavy construction equipment like motor grader and roller-compactor.

They seem like walking through the place “at your own risk”. This is not acceptable, because if any accident happens to our tourists, we all are answerable and accountable for.

This is a very urgent case and I advise JKR to expedite in providing enough safety protection to the pedestrians, especially the thousands that walk through the area.

Tourists and workers walking through the construction site, unprotected.

At the same time, I urge the authorities concerned to expeditiously move the Marine Police depot that is blocking the way, for the works to be completed on time, or even earlier.

  • Hiew King Cheu is the Assemblyman for Luyang