PBS Tanjung Papat Division Dissolved; In Your Dreams Says Johnny Mositun

Johnny Mositun

SANDAKAN: Parti Bersatu Sabah’s (PBS) Tanjung Papat division has not been dissolved as claimed by certain quarters said its Secretary General, Datuk Johnny Mositun.

“Article 34 of the Party Constitution clearly states that the dissolution of any Division can only be made by headquarters. It is not within the powers of a division to do so,” Mositun told reporters after attending to party matters with PBS leaders and officials in Sandakan.

Mositun, who is also a Deputy Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly, was clarifying a recent press report about the resignation of the PBS Tanjung Papat division chief and 850 members.

“So far my office has received only one official letter of resignation from that division. If the division chief says she has resigned, that is within her rights but I have not been officially informed.

“As for the claim that all 850 division members have resigned, that is not correct” he said, explaining that the division only had 734 registered members.

“Also, when I was in Sandakan on Wednesday many division members I met denied having resigned, so I can only give you a detailed statement after I receive official notification of the so-called resignations,” he said.

Shirley Chien

Ealier in the week, PBS Tanjung Papat chief Shirley Chien said she and the entire division was closing shop as they were disenchanted with the party leadership.

Mositun said if the division chief and some members chose to leave the party, that was within their rights and PBS respected it.

“However, they cannot dissolve the division. That is not their right or prerogative, in such cases, the division will be placed under the direct charge of the Secretary General which in this case is my office, and re-organized with the remaining members,” Mositun said.

Mositun said throughout its history PBS had seen leaders and ordinary members come and go.

“That is normal in politics. Times change, circumstances change, and people also change. PBS has experienced many mass defections in the past, but the party has remained intact. We also continue to receive new members all the time.

“All this we view with an open mind and stay focussed on the party struggle for the people, state and nation,” he added.

On the claim that PBS had neglected the Tanjung Papat Division leading to the disenchantment and subsequent resignation of its chief and many members, Mositun said that only to be expected from those with had their personal political agenda.

A cut out from a Sandakan-based Chinese newspaper which reported on the closing down of the PBS Tg Papat division following the resignations of its leaders and members.

“PBS does not discriminate or neglect any of its division. All divisions are treated equally. Members in each division will react according to the manner in which the division chief and division committee manage that division.

“There could be other reasons, but usually this happens when a general election nears,” he said.

Putting this down to “election fever” and the current political and economic climate, Mositun said PBS would stay focused on the main issues and prepare the party for the general election that could be called any time.