‘Now We Know Who Has Betrayed the Chinese’, Goh Wants DAP To Apologise

Goh (7th from left) joins Ling (7th from right) and others in a group photo session during the Pesta Ang Pao held at the Buhavan Square, on Sunday night.

PENAMPANG – MCA has been vindicated of all accusations leveled at them by the DAP all this while especially with taunts that MCA is the traitor to the Chinese community.

Sabah MCA vice president Datuk Francis Goh said the apologies made by the four ex DAP elected representatives from Melaka to the Chinese community, for campaigning for PAS in the last general election, is a resounding testimony that DAP is the one that has betrayed the Chinese community.

Speaking at the Pesta Ang Pao hosted by the Penampang Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCCI) at the Buhavan Square here on Sunday, Goh who is also Penampang MCA chief reckoned that now DAP Sabah leaders should also apologise.

“All these while, the DAP had accused us MCA as the traitor to the Chinese community. But, from now on, there’s no need for us to defend our position and struggle for the Chinese community anymore, because it is now crystal clear who is the real traitor of the Chinese community,” he said.

Children happy to show off their ‘ang pao’ which was given to them by Goh and other VIPs.

He was commenting on the DAP Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him, its Bachang assemblyman Lim Jak Wong, Kesidang assemblyman Chin Choon Seong and Duyong assemblyman Goh Leong San, who announced they were quitting as DAP members effective Sunday.

From left – The three DAP Assemblymen who quit the party Sunday are Goh Leong San, Lim Jack Wong and Chin Choong Seong.

It was reported that one of the reasons cited by them for quitting the party was because they believed DAP has deviated from its original course and struggle of defending the Chinese community. Besides this, they also felt guilty for campaigning for PAS in the last general election, hence the apologies to the Chinese community.

Acknowledging that the apologies has further bolstered his spirit to debate with DAP MP for Kota Kinabalu Jimmy Wong, on the proposed topic of “Who’s the betrayer of Chinese community, MCA or DAP?”, Goh quipped:

“Both Jimmy and DAP Sabah chief cum MP for Sandakan Stephen Wong should muster the courage and emulate the action of their four ex party colleagues in apologising to the Chinese community, for having convinced and misled the Chinese community,” he said.

Besides this, he also urged the voters to exercise their wisdom to vote in someone who they are certain of capable to serve them well, instead of simply voting for a ‘lame duck’ just because the candidate is from the opposition party.

Earlier, Goh also took DAP to task for pawning the interest of the nation and the people, by resorting to work with its nemesis cum former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed, who he considered as a traitor of the people in regards to his monumental role in granting of citizenships to huge number of illegal immigrants in Sabah.

Also present at the occasion were PCCCI president Datuk Ling Tiong Chai, Penampang District Officer Luvita Koisun, Penampang OCPD DSP Rosley Honden, and former Penampang MCA chief Datuk Paul Kong.

More than 1,200 people flooded Buhavan Square for the Pesta Ang Pao where Goh was the guest of honour.

In the speech given Datuk Ling Tiong Chai, President of PCCCI urged the Donggongon residents to give their full support to Goh, describing the MCA man as a rising political star who would not hesitate to care for the welfare of his constituents.

“I am very confident that Kapayan under Goh’s stewardship can improve tremendously, and this in turn would make it good for the people living here.”