No Leadership Issue! We’ll Cross The Bridge When We Get There – Junz

We will cross the bridge when we get there …. Junz comment of a leadership issue in the party with MACC picking on Warisan leaders.

KOTA KINABALU: The Parti Warisan leadership is not easily rattled despite the crackdown on some of its leaders by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) with Junz Wong, saying the struggle to fight for a ‘Sabahans for Sabah’ goes on.

Junz, a Warisan vice president, said the MACC action on its leaders was not unexpected, and if it was any surprise at all, it was why action was not taken earlier.

“We always knew that life in the opposition ranks is never going to be easy and as such we are prepared for any eventuality,” he told reporters Wednesday.

“This harassment against our leaders, and those who are seen as our supporters, will continue as the general election nears.


“We have only one conclusion; our rivals, especially Umno-Barisan Nasional, are running very scared of our growing influence. They know that Warisan is in the best position to topple them, hence underhand tactics to try and disrupt our activities.”

Junz also said that Shafie Apdal, the Warisan president was an MACC target and could be hauled in for investigations and be remanded as well, based on the trend.

Asked if there would be a vacuum in the party leadership if Shafie was remanded, Junz said it was unlikely, stressing there was no dearth of capable leaders in the party.

“But let us understand that if at all Shafie is detained, the maximum number of days he can be held is 14. He will not be held for months or years. He will be out in a jiffy before you even know it,” he said.

“We will deal with the leadership, when the time comes. Let us get to the bridge and cross it first, before we talk of any changes. As I said, if at all the MACC takes in Shafie, the maximum remand is 14 days before he is out.”

He said other Warisan leaders – Peter Anthony and Mohd Azis Jamman – now in remand for investigations will be out soon, pointing out that they have not been charged with any crime.

According to Junz, Warisan people at all levels are in solidarity with Peter and Azis as they know that these leaders are just victims, and that those who should be really charged with corruption are still free.

FLASHBACK: Junz said the massive Sabah Water Department scandal seems to have gone cold though the people know that top leaders were involved in the scam.

Junz said the MACC can investigate all allegations of corruption, they should also be seen as being fair as there are many cases involving Umno-BN leaders that are being swept under the carpet.

He said the Sabah Water Department scandal was just one of them, with others including shady Yayasan Sabah deals, parcelling out of timber concessions, infrastructure projects and other lopsided mega deals that benefitted those close to the BN.

“Why the MACC is not tackling all these is anybody’s guess; but here they want to harass Warisan leaders,” said the Likas Assemblyman.

He said, Peter Anthony, another vice president for example, had always cooperated with the MACC whenever he was called, yet they chose to remand him for so-called investigations.

Junz also wondered aloud as to why the MACC crackdown was centred on only KKLW (Rural and Regional Development ministry) Sabah rural projects which makes it seem that similar projects in peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak were above board.

He also questioned the high-handedness of MACC officers who handcuffed Sabah remand suspects while taking them to court, but those in peninsular Malaysia were not, prompting him to add that such tactics was pure intimidation and an attempt to discredit Sabahans.