MMEA Rescues Catamaran Crew Members Stranded At Sea Amidst Rough Seas

The rescued catamaran crew thanking their rescuers after they were taken to the Sepanggar naval base.

KOTA KINABALU – The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) rescued five crew members of a catamaran that faced engine problems when ferrying nine anglers near the waters of Pulau Batu Sapi Monday night.

Kota Kinabalu MMEA director, First Admiral (Maritime) Adam Aziz said the crew members safely reached the Sepanggar Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) base around 10pm and did not sustain any injury.

“In the incident, both of the boat’s engines broke down. The Sutera Harbour Resort dispatched a rescue boat after receiving an emergency call from the boat owner and brought the nine anglers back to the Sutera Harbour jetty.

The crew members of the catamaran refused to board the Sutera Harbour’s rescue boat as they wanted to repair their boat first, said Adam.

However, fearing the safety of the crew due the bad weather and rough seas, the boat owner contacted MMEA for assistance and a rescue boat was mobilised at 5.25pm.

The five crew members were brought out of the Sepanggar RMN base by the boat owner at 11pm.

Adam advised the maritime community to always check the condition of their boats before going out to sea as well as to take precautionary measures such as wearing a lifejacket.