Manhunt Mounted For Rapist Who Fled Police Custody In Beluran

Nasrudi @ Sudi Ambo

BELURAN: All it took was three minutes to be left alone and a rape suspect fled the patrol car he was in, still handcuffed early Saturday night.

Thinking their prisoner was well fed and handcuffed, the three policemen, led by an Inspector, left him in the patrol car while they went to a coffee-shop at Nangoh to buy drinks.

On their return, they managed to catch sight of Nasrudi @ Sudi bin Ambo, a 29-year-old labourer, running towards an oil palm estate in the area.

They gave chase but Nasrudi, who is suspected of raping a 17-year-old girl at an oil palm estate on Feb 18, managed to escape in the darkness.

On Sunday, Beluran police chief Superintendent V Shivananthan said a manhunt is underway for the rape suspect who escaped police custody the previous night.

He said, prior to his escape, police had brought Nasrudi Ambo, who was arrested on Feb 20, back to his house where the alleged rape took place.

After getting the evidence needed by the policemen, the suspect told them that he needed to break fast as he was fasting on that day.

On reaching the Kyber Restoran at Nangoh, the policeman bough him packed food and switched the handcuffs to the front so that he could eat.

After he finished he was put back in the back seat while the trio went to buy water for him from a nearby sundry shop after he told police that he was thirsty.

He fled from the car at the earliest opportunity.

“They thought that they had locked the doors before leaving the suspect alone,” Shivanathan said.

The policemen then immediately tried to chase after Nasrudi when they saw him running towards a nearby oil palm estate.

A report was lodged at about 2pm the next day and a full force manhunt was mounted.

“We have roadblocks at all major roads in and out of Beluran and other district police stations have been informed of this incident,” he added.