Jeffrey Should Blame Himself Instead Of Warisan; Who’s Your Enemy?


COMMENT: The allegation by STAR president Dr Jeffrey Kitingan that Warisan was a Mahathir proxy is laughable and that signals the start of his showing his true colours.

Jeffrey has only himself to blame as was explained very clearly by Wilfred Bumburing from his few previous statements issued to explain why PCS had to leave USA.

Instead of Jeffrey maliciously attacking Warisan out of desperation, I believe many voters out there are as curious as myself, as to why he didn’t give his votes to Bumburing to be the Opposition leader; not once but twice, so I urge him to clear the air first.

What could USA possibly deliver for Sabah when they couldn’t even come to terms as who should be the Opposition leader in State Assembly.

PCS leaving USA has nothing to do with Warisan. But in my opinion, with due respect, I think PCS has made the right move.

Jeffrey has no one but himself to be blamed for the PCS exit.

I am curious as to what would be Jeffrey’s advice as to who Warisan should be working with at Federal level.

In Malaysia’s political system, Sabah needs a partnership at Federal level to ensure Sabahans will no longer be marginalized and that Sabahans’ rights are taken back and allocated fairly.

Warisan supports opposition leaders in Pakatan Harapan at federal for two main reasons :

1. We all have the same objective that is to topple BN government.
2. We need to work with federal partners to form the federal government.

Should Warisan work with federal opposition to topple BN or work with Najib to keep BN in power?

Our objective is clear and that is to topple BN.


What is Jeffrey’s advice?

Would it be: “Don’t support Anwar, Kit Siang, Mahathir but instead support Najib and Anifah.”

That might be what Jeffrey wants but is that what Sabahans want?

Jeffrey seems to have already made his choice by working with UMNO-BN leaders through MySabah initiatives.

Not in today’s Sabah political intense scenario when every top BN leaders are feeling the heat of Warisan by attacking Warisan every chance they get.

Especially not after MySabah Chairman Anifah Aman has to come out with his statement to defend Jeffrey and other leaders for working with the UMNO leaders.

The PM, DPM, Hishammuddin, Musa, MySabah chairman Anifah have all attacked Warisan President Shafie Apdal.

Now even the so called Opposition STAR president is following up with these relentless attacks? Is this purely coincidence?

Jeffrey could perhaps give Sabahans his thoughts how could he possibly topple BN when he is working with UMNO leaders.

I think Jeffrey better clear the air before continuing to mislead the public.

As for Sabah, Warisan is proxy to no one. Every right minded Sabahan is prepared and ready for a change of Sabah Government with Warisan.

Warisan is also ready and thus will stay focused on our campaigns to keep the momentum going strong, to end the 22-years BN reign in GE14 to form the next Sabah Government.

My advice to Dr Jeffrey:

First understand what Sabahans want i.e. to topple BN Govt and kick UMNO out of Sabah.

Second is to know your enemy.

Who is your enemy? BN UMNO or Warisan?

People of Sabah are no longer gullible and can easily tell by observing Dr Jeffrey little movements and his future political development.

  • Junz Wong is Vice President Parti Warisan Sabah and Likas Assemblyman