Gulfstream G200 Jet At ‘KKIA’ Arouses Curiosity Of Parti Warisan Leaders

A photo of the Gulfstream G200 jet that had supposedly landed at Kota Kinabalu International Airport with a VVIP passenger on board. It could not be immediately verified . – Image copyright Syamill Jusuf/JETPHOTOS

KOTA KINABALU: A Gulfstream G200 that supposedly landed at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport on Monday with a VVIP passenger on board, has set tongues wagging as to the true ownership of the jet that can cost on average, RM18 million each.

Azis Jamman, the Wira Warisan chief cautiously offered that the VVIP who was on board the flight is a high-ranking State official, who along with some of his aides, was seen alighting from the jet which can carry up to eight passengers and two crew.

Azis said he was first alerted to the news after someone had spotted it on the Facebook account of one Azizul XX Xxxxxx.

A BorneoToday check on the FB account showed there was no such posting. Neither were there any photos of the jet in the person’s photo folder.

Azis Jamman showing reporters a printout of the jet that he claimed had landed at KKIA based on a Facebook posting. He said he was curious to know who owns the jet.

A query to his FB Messenger went unanswered at the time of uploading the story.

Azis said he and other Parti Warisan Sabah leaders were piqued by the posting as they wanted to know now who owns and uses the jet.

“If it is private plane, then we would like to know who the owner is, and if it is State-owned, the people then have every right to know who uses it and for what purpose,” Azis told a press conference here Tuesday.

Together with Junz Wong, a Parti Warisan vice President, Azis said checks made indicated that the jet was registered in the name of a Limited company which was registered in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

“We don’t want to rely on hearsay, or unconfirmed social media postings, but we feel that this VVIP, as a public servant, has the obligation to confirm or deny his connection with this expensive jet,” said Azis.

“I’m sure the people would like to know how come he has access to it, assuming that it was really him who was seen alighting from the plane.

“A simple clarification from the VVIP concerned would settle the matter as it is not only Parti Warisan leaders who are curious, but a whole lot of people in Sabah and peninsular Malaysia want the truth revealed.”

The same Gulfstream G200 jet which according to, was taken in Kota Kinabalu on Oct 30, 2014. – Image copyright Dayaa Ramanaa/JETPHOTOS