Foreign Minister Anifah Aman Says – Expect Revenge If Opposition Wins

Anifah, in red jacket, talks to a paraplegic at the Aidilfitri function in Kabang on Saturday night. – BorneoToday photo

EXPECT revenge against Barisan Nasional (BN) supporters if the opposition forms the next government, warned Foreign Minister Anifah Aman.

“They will not let any of the BN supporters go and they will inflict revenge upon us,” he said.

The Kimanis MP said this during a Hari Raya event in Kampung Kabang, Papar earlier today, after being told members from the opposition parties have begun campaigning in Sabah villages.

“I was made to understand that some of them had come into the villages and are making all sorts of promises and slandering the BN government and its leaders.

“Let me tell you this, BN doesn’t make promises, we deliver them,” he said before a crowd of around 200 villagers.

Anifah, who is confident that BN would still win in the next general election, said Sabahans should set aside their good-natured selves when being served with such lies.

“Most Sabahans do not wish to offend others, but if you see any of the opposition members enter your villages, chase them away. The moment you allow them to campaign, anyone will eventually be influenced by their slander and promises,” he said.

Anifah said BN and all its leaders had brought in many goodies for Sabah, such as the BR1M cash aid and education aid, aside from the many development projects.

In return, its representatives ask only for their votes once every five years, he said, adding that a vote for any BN representative is a vote for the people and for the future of their children.

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