Flying Chair Strikes Year-Two Pupil After Penampang Teacher Loses Cool


PENAMPANG: A teacher here can count his lucky stars that the parents of a boy who was struck by a chair he threw at another in anger, are not pursuing with legal action against him.

But for now the teacher has been instructed to stop teaching for now.

The victim before he was sent for treatment. He needed eight stitches to close the wound on his head.

“He is on a desk job at the district education office until we decide the next course of action,” said Sabah Education Department director Datuk Maiminah Suhaibul.

The boy, a year two pupil and the eldest of three siblings, was discharged from hospital after treatment Friday.

The situation arose whereby another year two pupil ran away from class after the teacher had scolded him for creating a nuisance in class, causing the teacher to lose his temper.

The teacher had ordered the pupil to stop being difficult and told him to keep quiet, but the boy refused to listen.

Angered, the teacher took a wooden chair and threw it at the boy, hoping it would stop him.

“However, another pupil became a victim when the chair hit him on the head instead,” said the parent of another classmate whose son related the incident.

The impact from the flying chair resulted in the boy getting a big cut on the head that needed eight stitches.

The boy’s parents were immediately notified and a police report was lodged.

The boy’s mother, who only wanted to be identified as Wanie, said she was working when she received a call from the school at about 9.30am regarding the matter.

“I was shocked and scared for my child. I went to the hospital and spoke to the teacher before heading to the police station to lodge a report,” she said.

After lengthy discussions with the teacher and education officials, including those from the Sabah Education Department, Wanie decided not to pursue legal action against the teacher.

“My husband and I have decided not to pursue this matter legally because we want to give the teacher a second chance,” she said, adding that the teacher had apologised profusely over his actions.

She however hoped that strict disciplinary action would be taken against him to serve as a warning and lesson to other teachers.