DAP’s Push To Woo Natives In Sabah’s Interior Takes A Hit With Defections

Dirim Jaikul

SOOK: Some 40 members of the DAP quit to join Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) in a ceremony held in Kampung Tuawon, Sook. They handed their membership forms to PBRS deputy president Arthur Joseph Kurup.

The former DAP members were led by Dirim Jaikul. He said that they have lost confidence in the party after being members for several years, saying the DAP is only using the locals for their political gains.

“DAP practices politics of hate, lies and slander,” claimed Dirim. “They manipulate information to demonise our leaders for their political ambitions.

“They do not approach problems professionally and we are disappointed with the way they treat us natives in Sabah as if we are second class and are using us only to gain political power.”

Dirim also claimed that the DAP spread lies that there was no electricity supply in their area when in truth the people already enjoyed electricity.

He also said that they did not like how DAP leaders in Sabah were taking orders from leaders in Semenanjung and that everything needed the approval of the higher ups.

Arthur Kurup receiving membership forms from Dirim who quit DAP along with 39 others earlier this week.

“Even the DAP office in Sook was officiated by leaders from Semenanjung,” he lamented, saying all DAP programs were always officiated by people from Semenanjung. We want local leaders and we want a local party to lead us.”

He added that all former DAP members will give full support for PBRS to represent them in the new seat of Tulid. They hope PBRS will be given the new seat of Tulid and they will continue to support the BN government.

Kurup in his speech welcomed all the former members of the DAP, saying that it was important for political leaders to show clear vision and leadership for the future.

“We should not support parties that want to take over the government purely by looking weaknesses and attacking the characters of individuals. We must ask if they have proper plans for the future. People must support leaders who have proven track record.”

PBRS claimed to have 125 branches with over 12,500 members in the current Sook state constituency. In the recent delineation exercise by the Election Commission the EC has proposed to split the current constituency – Tulid (new) and Sook.

Even with the split PBRS is still the party with the most number of branches and members in both seats, said Kurup, saying as such, PBRS is the most suitable party to field candidates in both areas.