DAP Sabah To Contest 10 Seats In Interior; 3 Parliament, 7 State

DAP members in the interior attended an Election Preparation Workshop was held at the Keningau Service Center. Now they want to contest all seats in the area.

KENINGAU: DAP Sabah is going to contest in Keningau, Tenom and Pensiangan, and the seven state seats that come under these parliamentary seats.

DAP Sabah secretary, Chan Foong Hin said they have launched its election machinery, in view of speculation that state election could be earlier than scheduled, and separate from the general election which is not due till the third quarter of 2018.

Following the speculation that Sabah, DAP Sabah has in three parliamentary seats and seven state seats in Interior.

Chan said DAP would not have staked its claim for these seats without a proven work record.

“We are not the party to conduct road-shows, offer lucky draw to attract attendance and then claim the seats without doing solid work on the ground,” he said.

“We have been continuous delivering social projects to empower the rural folks, conducting socio economic workshops to uplift the people’s skill to earn a living, educational camps and even mobile health services.

“We are not the type of party which only appears on the eve of elections. We reject hit-and-run political culture,” Chan boasted.

He said after DAP had highlighted the electricity controversy in several villages in the interior, Sabah Electricity hurriedly connected supply in that area, while its member of parliament, Tan Sri Joseph Kurup made aggressive responses.

Over the weekend, DAP Interior Election Preparation Workshop was held at the Keningau Service Center, with Dapsy national chief Wong Kah Who and Dapsy International Secretary Howard Lee attended.

The workshop was organized by Adrian Lasimbang, the Political Education Director for DAP Sabah-cum-Pensiangan Coordinator. This workshop not only covers PACA training, but also party history and ideology, publicity and campaign strategy.