DAP Deviated From Its Original Struggles, Say Assemblymen Who Quit Party

From left – The three DAP Assemblymen who quit the party Sunday are Goh Leong San, Lim Jack Wong and Chin Choong Seong.

MELAKA – The DAP has for the past two to three years, deviated from its original struggles, claimed Kesidang assemblyman Chin Choong Seong.

Chin, who quit the party Sunday, said what attracted him to DAP was its struggle for a ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ but what he was seeing now was the complete opposite.

“What we are seeing now is that in order to win Malay support, DAP is following what MCA is doing. We must not try to, they try to accommodate the Malay community.

“I think this is a dangerous approach in order to win Malay support,” he told reporters, here, Sunday.

Sim Tong Him

Besides Chin, the other assemblymen who quit DAP are Lim Jak Wong (Bachang) and Goh Leong San (Duyong), as well as Kota Melaka member of Parliament, Sim Tong Him.

Sim, meanwhile, said that after due consideration and serious thought he had lost confidence and was greatly disappointed with the DAP leadership, especially their secretary-general Lim Guan Eng in handling internal and external party issues.

“I cannot accept and go along with the stand and so-called new political alignment the DAP has taken lately. DAP has moved away to a new direction and new political alignment and I cannot go along with that,” said Sim.

Lim said his decision to quit DAP was not made hastily and they made the decision together after careful and due consideration.

“I believe my decision will have people judging me and lead to various reactions. I will not blame them because they don’t understand what we are feeling.

“Last time when people criticised DAP, I would defend the image of DAP. But today I have made this decision without heartache,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Melaka State Legislative Assembly requires the official letters from the three DAP assemblymen who quit the party before deciding on their position in the House.

State assembly Speaker, Datuk Othman Muhamad said he expected the three assemblymen to hand in their letters to him at his office at Seri Negeri Complex in Ayer Keroh, here, Monday.

He said it was normal for assemblymen to be seated together with those representing their party and when they quit their party, their seating at the assembly would be changed.

Othman said that after receiving the official letters, Lim and Chin would be seated at the section for independents, while Goh would remain in this section.

Last March 28, Othman announced that Goh was an independent assemblyman in the House after receiving a letter from Goh for him to sit in the section for independents.

For the record, the Melaka state assembly has 28 elected representatives, with 21 of them from UMNO, six from DAP and one from PAS but with the latest development in DAP, the party has only three state seats now.

The remaining three Melaka DAP assemblymen are Khoo Poay Tiong (Ayer Keroh), Lai Keun Ban (Kota Laksamana) and Tey Kok (Bandar Hilir).