Boys Aged 10, 11 Held By Police For Alleged Rape Of Nine-Year-Old Girl

For illustration only. Mother claims nine-year-old daughter raped by two boys slightly older than the victim.

LIMBANG: Two boys, aged just 10 and 11, have been detained by police after a young mother ‘caught’ them in a ‘compromising position’ with her nine-year-old daughter inside a fertiliser store on Sunday.

Both the suspects were also brought to the Limbang police station Monday evening for further questioning, while the victim was taken to the Miri Hospital to be examined.

Dev Kumar, the State Criminal Investigation Department chief, said both boys would be released once police had recorded their statements.


According to news reports, the 32-year-old mother of the alleged victim had lodged a report Sunday after finding her daughter and the two boys in a ‘compromising position’ inside the fertiliser store at the plantation where she worked.

“When she entered the store, she was shocked to find her daughter lying on a mattress with no clothes from the waist down,” said Dev Kumar.

“One of the boys, who are believed to be acquaintances of the girl, was on top of her in a compromising position.

“The mother dragged the daughter out of the store and saw some red stains on her private parts,” he said in a statement Monday.

The mother suspected that her daughter may have been sexually abused and lodged a report at the Limbang police station here.