Another Secondary School, Health Clinic Badly Needed in Penampang

Ian Mahendra

LETTER: Penampang Barisan Nasional chairman, Datuk Donald Mojuntin has affirmed the ‘inconsistency and no passion’ of the BN government in serving the people of Penampang by delaying the construction of SMK Kipouvo and the Health Clinic.

2. The long delay in getting these two projects off the ground also proved the working systems in the government has failed, as both facilities are basic necessities, and important for the people of Penampang, and must be made available no matter what.

3. Donald claimed that during his tenure as Member of Parliament (2004 – 2008) and State Assemblymen (2008 – 2013) that he and former UPKO President, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok had brought the matter to the state and federal governments. Sadly until now, neither the secondary school, nor the clinic show any signs of being constructed.

4. Donald, tried to confuse the Upper Moyog community by diverting BN’s failure in speeding up the long awaited SMK Kipouvo’s construction, saying that BN Penampang had built two other secondary school namely SMK Limbanak and SMK Bahang when Penampang was under the administration of BN.

The current clinic in Penampang has outgrown its usefulness and a full-fledged hospital is what is required by the growing population.

5. The issue here is, providing proper education to Upper Moyog community. That is the main point. Donald should not divert the issue and make it look like BN has done a great job in Penampang. Obviously, the Upper Moyog community has been side-lined.

6. Minister of Education Datuk Seri Mahadzir Khalid’s made a statement last September that allocations has been approved to build SMK Kipouvo, and that the construction should begin by the end of 2016 or early 2017. Unfortunately, the Penampang District Education Officer, Mojuntin Ebin told Upper Moyog residents they would have to wait till September this year.

Donald Mojuntin

7. Donald should not imply negative impressions on Moyog Assemblymen, Terrence Siambun who had done his job by bringing up the issue to not only the Ministry of Education but at State Assembly as well. Terrence had fulfilled his responsibility as the people’s representative by fighting out the issue to ensure the government kept their promise to the people, and not as what Donald had claimed.

8. The Upper Moyog community has been waiting for this school long enough. If Donald claims that they did their part why was it only in 2012 that the proposal for the school got the green-light whereby the Prime Minister did the ground-breaking ceremony? Penampang was represented by Tan Sri Bernard in 1986 who won the seat under the PBS logo.

9. As a matter of fact, Terrence did the right thing for raising this issue yet again in response to the unhappy community of Kampung Madsiang who wants him to push the SMK Kipouvo issue as they could no longer sustain the high transportation costs to send their children to school. Siambun is not talking without basis and thorough study.

Terrence Siambun

10. Instead of being defensive, Donald, if he is sincere enough, should by right stand along with Siambun in fighting for the people’s rights rather than portraying a negative image of Terrence thus indirectly making the voters look stupid for electing Terrence.

11. It took BERJAYA only 1 term to make Sabah a better state. However, BN Penampang took 7 years to fulfil the much needed proper health facility in this district. Ian praised Donald for pursuing the matter during his tenure as the assemblymen. However, Donald did not explain why he and BN has been ‘tight lipped ‘for the past years since the proposal was mooted in 2010.

12. Donald, who had failed to impress his party during General Election in 2013, should continue following up with the project since he is the BN Chairman in this constituency instead of what it seems to be as ‘closed one eye’ only.

13. He has all the rights to push the government since it has been delayed for many years. Why when Siambun made it to the press then only did Donald come out to explain the cause of the delays? This shows how BN has failed the people of Penampang despite their many claims saying much development was brought into Penampang due to their efforts.

14. It is the BN’s responsibility being a government of the day to provide all the basic necessities. It is their duty to ensure the people were given all the needs in return of collecting such a big amount of Government Service Tax (GST) and other kind of taxes.

15. I demand Donald and his BN counterparts not to politicise the issue in an effort to lure for support since election is said to be just around the corner. The government should serve the people instead of using them only for the sake of maintaining power in the state.

  • Ian Mahendra Krishnan is Chief of Wira Warisan Penampang