An Open Letter To Prime Minister Najib, From A Desperate SFI Worker

Dayang Rosmawatye

LETTER: I am a young woman worker at Sabah Forest Industries (SFI) in Sipitang, and a union member.

Our union has been struggling for recognition from our employer for decades now so we can engage in collective bargaining. Three times already we have achieved recognition, yet three times our employer has overturned the (Human Resources) Minister’s decision through judicial review proceedings.

As a young worker I sometimes wonder whether life will always be so hard. All we want is our rights. You, Mr Prime Minister, can champion a change of law and prevent such injustice from happening in the future.

Today (Saturday), as you visit Sipitang, please take a moment to think about our struggle, to have our union recognised as well as the plight of hundreds of local Malaysian workers who have yet to get their salaries.

  • Dayang Rosmawatye Salleh, is from Sipitang and is employed at Sabah Forest Industries